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Domin8r Nutrition’s Smash has carefully researched and formulated with one purpose in mind – to deliver the strongest, fastest acting energy boost you’ve ever felt, insane pumps you have always been dreaming of, whilst boosting your HGH levels – allowing you to keep your gains and make new ones.


We bring you the Worlds Most Advanced Pre-workout Drink with a HGH boosting complex in it! Our Team of scientists call it a “Big Monster in a little Bottle! Not only you lift heavier weights due to a surge in your hormones, you destroy the weights and build a leaner, more muscular physique too!! This is not just a normal pre workout which makes you feel buzzed.


If you’re looking for recreational lifting – we suggest you stop reading right now and put the bottle down. Make no mistakes, Smash is for serious athletes, who are looking to put in their best performance every time in the gym or on the field, to unleash the best athlete they can be!


Smash’s Stimulant and Focus Matrix will raise your body temperature to get you ready for action focus and will ensure you smash through your workouts within minutes of taking it. Smash has the unique ability to get you mentally ‘In The Zone’ and supercharged for every single training session, by delivering the most awesome mind and body stimulating rush ever!

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